and Safety guide Working Spaces rearrangement 

On Tuesday 20th May h. 16 the Webinar “Wellness and Safety guide Working Spaces rearrangement” took place; it was organized by Officine Tamborrino together with Scaffsystem.


The Webinar arose from the necessity of rethinking working spaces as well as their arrangement, given the peculiar historical context we are currently experiencing. 


Professorsarchitects and designers attended in large number, presenting arrangements and innovative ways through which working environments could be readjusted because of social distancing. Their contributions will eventually guide designersspecialists and entrepreneurs towards the most adequate solutions through which transforming offices, so that they could be safe for everyone.


Space rearrangements entails being aware of the employee’s needs, as they are the ones who daily work and interact in those spaces. 


During the Webinar, several experts gave their contribution: 


Roberta D’Elia -Architect and Workplace Designer: “project for a new normality. Re-thinking working spaces”


Marco Imperadori - Professor of Design and Technology Innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan: “additive architecture: transforming workplaces with modular dry technology”


Licio Tamborrino - Ad Scaffsystem: “the mezzanine: uses and applications”


Sebastiano Canzano - Architect and Designer: “the architect’s social role: a link between culture and economy”





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