Listone Giordano. The infinite wooden surface.

Can wooden flooring be reinvented? Yes, now it can! Listone Giordano’s Natural Genius redefines the aesthetic rules of classic wooden boards and common laying patterns.


Loop, the extraordinary infinite wooden surface created in collaboration with Listone Giordano, is about to make its debut in the United States and the United Kingdom with three special presentation events. 


Here are dates and locations where Sebastiano Canzano will be present to share his inspiration and creative process:


1.New York | September 13th

Taglialatella Gallery 


The first event will take place on September 13th from 7 pm to 9 pm at Taglialatella Gallery, an exclusive space in the heart of the Big Apple - 229 10th Avenue. 


2. Miami | September 14th

Listone Giordano Showroom 


The second stop is on September 14th from 6 pm to 9 pm in Miami, at the Listone Giordano Showroom - Miami Design District - 66 NE 40th Street.


3. London | September 21st

 Listone Giordano Showroom


The presentation tour will end in the British capital on September 21st from 06.30 pm, at the Listone Giordano Showroom - 157 North End Rd, W14 9NH.


We invite you to discover Loop and immerse yourself in a dimension where experience and rationality are deceived in search of the simplicity of forms. 


The Concept of Loop


Loop is inspired by the idea of pushing the boundaries of design products beyond their own shape. The challenge was to achieve a unique and apparently random pattern through the serial repetition of a single element. Sebastiano Canzano tried to capture the essence of continuity and infinity through the creation of a floor that appears endless creating a visually stunning effect.


Versatility in Application


Loop is suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial. This surface extends creating a visual experience capable of transforming any space where it is installed. It can be used to cover floors, walls, even ceilings, allowing designers to express their creativity with no limits.




In conclusion, Loop represents a clever work of art, a pleasant exercise that opens up a new interpretation of wooden surfaces.