2019: when design meets food

The challenge has arrived in Salento.  

The ArchichefNight has finally come in Puglia. Where? at the Tempo Nuovo restaurant, near the impressive Ugento’s Castle When? On Tuesday, the 16th of July.  For one night, 6 architects became chef for one night: they created a dish that reflected the way they conceive architecture. Diners proclaimed the winners at the end of the night.   

TOWANT company came up with the idea of bringing architecture and food together: that’s how the ArchichefNight challenge was born. TOWANT is an international network whose aim is to plan events- related to architecture and design- all over the world. 6 practises joined the competition: Architetti Flore & Venezia; Massimo Accoto; MAREA studio di architettura; Sebastiano Canzano architetto; Musa & Simone architetti; Stefano Ghiretti Architettura.   


Arch. Sebastiano Canzano won the competition with the “Muretto a Crudo” dish, designed with chef Tommaso Sanguedolce. For this plate, Arch. Canzano drew inspiration from the typical Apulian wall structure, known as "Muretto a Secco". It’s an appetizer made of raw fish and vegetable: elements are disposed so that they recall the wall structure.