Sebastiano Canzano Architects

Sebastiano Canzano was born in Bari and got his graduation with full marks at the Architecture Institute of Venice with a thesis entitled ‘A Museum of contemporary art for kids’. As a student, he had the chance to learn in Marseille directly from Prof. Raymond Perrachon and in Venice from Prof. Umberto Tubini.


In 2001, he opened his practice as a result of working all over Europe: since then, it acquired great experience in managing projects worldwide ranging from small to bigger concept.

Sebastiano Canzano works worldwide: his interest stretch from the renovation of historical buildings and villas, to the construction of apartments, offices and high- end houses


Sebastiano Canzano’s activity extends over the real estates market as well. As property hunter, he selects the best properties all over Apulia, given his deep rooted knowledge of the territory. In addiction, he assists his buyers providing a complete turnkey service, making sure that their real estate goals are met.

Each project is the outcome of a thorough approach toward concept: the aim is to create welcoming spaces, in harmony with the surrounding . Essence in the main feature of every project, it’s about removing without affecting the core. Spaces, finishes, lights, furniture are always designed considering light and its precious value.


Together with Francesco Marella he founded Archimake, an open box where architecture, design and art coexist. A network of experts that works as a relationships booster. 





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